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Samford Commons is emerging as a world class, innovative and exciting showcase for sustainable living, working and playing and is becoming an active precinct for innovation, arts, urban farming, education, science, environment, tourism and wellbeing. It is a public-private-community partnership with 17 organisations partnering SC.


Click here to read the Annual Report, Partnership Prospectus, and Strategic Business Plan

In partnership with other entities such as Millen Farm and Creative Samford it is growing a sustainable local economy at Samford and is in  one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.  With a strong virtual presence the benefits will be far reaching to regional and rural Australians and globally.

With a focus on social, economic and environmental outcomes it operates as a sustainable business partnership managed by a not-for-profit, community-owned charitable company, Samford Commons Ltd.

Samford Commons has been developed by significant input from the community, Moreton Bay Regional Council and the process of Samford Futures. …Read more…

NOTE:  This website is under construction. Please revisit from time to time to check out progress.

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The Samford Commons facebook page facebook.com/samfordcommons is a place to go to connect on Samford Commons.


Monthly meetings of Samford Commons members are held at Samford Commons on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7pm.  All community members are welcome to participate in these meetings.   Working Groups also carry out meetings and activities at various times and people should contact us on admin@samfordcommons.org.au to find out the latest on these groups and how to join in.


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