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Myriad prompts Commons’ connections

The recent Myriad Festival funded by the State Government is the major innovation festival in the Southern Hemisphere and Samford Commons was there as an Innovation Hub and a Founding Partner of Innovate Moreton Bay.  We were there to tell our social entrepreneurship...

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Recognition for Marist 180 Building the Commons

Marist 180 have been chosen in the top 5 for the Metropolitan Community Training Initiative of the Year for their wonderful work in ‘Building the Commons.’ A highly regarded not-for-profit training organisation, Marist 180 have been partnering with Samford Commons to...

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Glasshouse lights up

The roadside glasshouse at Samford Commons is alight with use as well as candle power. If passersby have not actually stopped their cars to have a look at the nightime action in particular they’ve been calling later to find out what’s going on, inquisitive lot that we...

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Invitation to our Glasshouse Special

Step by step we have been progressing things at Samford Commons and one of our next steps is to hold a Glasshouse Special community expo of the revised Commons Master Plan … and all are invited! We’ll be holding it in the roadside Glasshouse on Wednesday 28 February...

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Immersion arises at Commons

It took a lot of commitment from fifteen year nine students from four secondary schools to immerse themselves in a six day educational program at Samford Commons in December 2017.  At a time when most students are relaxing in the last week of the year these students...

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Just imagine

Can you imagine that on one public site right here in wonderful Samford that we could have …. a Community Library 24 hour classrooms for students of all ages a working farm side by side with a community farm a community-owned energy enterprise bringing cheaper and...

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Edging forward at a Long Table

Ever had dinner at an especially long table in a glasshouse with two dozen others?  That’s the experience a group of small business owners and community members had at the first Long Table Dinner held by Samford Commons and Edgeware.  Edgeware is a partner of Samford...

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Building Refurbishment Project Is Under Way!

With the help of the Queensland Government’s Skilling Queenslander’s for Work initiative, the Samford Commons building refurbishment project is under way. Government funding has been provided to Marist 180, enabling fifteen trainees to enrol into the Marist 180...

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Samford Commons is Blooming

Early in May 2016 the Moreton Bay Regional Council announced the allocation of funds towards Samford Commons, payable over the next two years. $500,000 is allocated toward the refurbishment of seven buildings and $1,350,000 is allocated for internal roads and parking....

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Millen Farm Farmer Announced

Millen Farm, a developing community based urban farm at Samford Commons, is pleased to announce that Arran Heideman has been appointed as the first Millen Farm Farmer. Mr Heideman will focus on setting up the farm over the coming months. Development of the farm will...

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Donate $$ or Services

New ideas, practical help and delivery of services are all needed at Samford Commons.  At the same time, in the formative years of Samford Commons, we need financial resources to build to the point of being a sustainable social enterprise, not reliant on government funds or donations.

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