Ever had dinner at an especially long table in a glasshouse with two dozen others?  That’s the experience a group of small business owners and community members had at the first Long Table Dinner held by Samford Commons and Edgeware.  Edgeware is a partner of Samford Commons and runs programs which help start-up businesses to, well, start up! These businesses come from Samford and other locations around the region with the Samford Chamber of Commerce and the Hills Chamber of Commerce also an important part of the network.

The dinners are self provided and shared by those who attend, meaning there’s a great cross section of food, wine and conversation. The ambience of the lit-up glasshouse creates a wonderful atmosphere for connecting ideas or simply having some fun with people who have a willingness to share.  The Long Table Dinners will be held on the 3rd day of each month at 6pm and finish around 7.30pm.  Check out the new Commons website www.samfordcommons.org.au for event details.

Some at the Long Table are also signed up to be part of the fabric of Samford Commons Maker Festival on 4 November and others in the community are invited to check out the Maker Festival on the Commons website. The Festival will be a feature event on the Commons calendar and not to be missed.

If you would like to contribute any Commons  projects or if you have an idea which you think may have a place at Samford Commons then join the growing group of friendly people who are doing just that

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