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Samford’s local flora

Lime Berry (Micromelum minutum)

Also known as Cluster Berry, this small tree to 4–6 m is found naturally in the understorey of our drier rainforests and is a very important species for our local wildlife. This is a widely distributed species that is used for medicinal purposes in parts of Asia. The...

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Samford Holly (Graptophyllum spinigerum)

Also known as Queensland Holly or Veiny Graptophyllum, this dainty small shrub to 1.5 m is found naturally in the understorey of our local rainforests. It has soft, glossy diamond-shaped opposite leaves with toothed margins. The small white tubular flowers arise from...

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Samford’s local fauna

Wanderer (Tirumala hamata)

This handsome, large orange and black butterfly (wingspan about 90 mm) is known as the Monarch in the USA, from where it first migrated to Australia in 1871 (possibly blown in by cyclones or as eggs accidentally brought in by American gold miners). The adult is a...

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Scarlet Honeyeater (Myzomela sanguinolenta)

This small honeyeater (about 10 cm) is usually an autumn and winter visitor to the Samford district, with some migrating from the cold of southern states while others possibly come down from the ranges where they breed in spring and summer. As the name suggests, the...

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