The Fulcrum

Sustainability and innovation learning hub

Collaborating to learn

Bringing students together in an active learning environment

Inspirational learning programs

Based from Samford, with networks extending across the region and beyond

Agile learning, smart technology

Active education designed to meet ever-changing needs

The Fulcrum

Sustainability and innovation learning hub

Imagine… an inspirational learning hub based at Samford Parklands, advancing sustainability and innovation knowledge in schools, businesses and communities across the region…

Samford Commons, with the backing of local schools, industry bodies and community partners, is proposing the establishment of a sustainability and innovation learning hub in Samford, serving the Moreton Bay region and beyond.

Provisionally called The Fulcrum, its proposed base is the Samford Parklands site, which has recently been opened to expressions of interest from community and business ventures.

A collaborative partnership

By partnering with schools and industry, The Fulcrum will offer learning experiences not available through mainstream education facilities. A learning space without boundaries, it will operate on site and online, connecting to a wide network of people, data and resources. Education programs will be co-created by partner schools, advisors and industry experts.

Financially, environmentally and socially sustainable

The Fulcrum will generate income through program fees, subscriptions, online services, research grants, seminars, digital products and other sources. Its clients will include school students, researchers, business people and community members. Funding will be sought from public and private sources to set up the initial infrastructure.

With built spaces designed around sustainable principles and innovative learning techniques, The Fulcrum will redefine sustainability education. Residents, school students and businesses in the local community and wider Moreton Bay region will benefit from new employment opportunities, unique education/upskilling programs and improved community resilience.

Find out more, or get involved

The concept is supported by a number of regional schools, government bodies, industry experts and community organisations. This is a real  opportunity to co-create something truly innovative and sustainable! There are opportunities for primary and secondary schools, industry advisors, education delivery partners, technology sponsors, investors, community groups and residents.

To get involved, please contact Samford Commons

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