The roadside glasshouse at Samford Commons is alight with use as well as candle power.

If passersby have not actually stopped their cars to have a look at the nightime action in particular they’ve been calling later to find out what’s going on, inquisitive lot that we are.

The list is long with people wanting to use the space for weddings, birthday parties, photo shoots and functions.

Meanwhile Samford Commons and its partners have the glasshouse in solid use during day and night with the STEAM Immersion Program for school students, art workshops, makers market, community meetings, muso and firedancing performance events, student camp-ins, School of Sustainability events and the ever popular Edgie-Commons Longtable Dinners on the 3rd evening of each month.  The Glasshouse Special Mini Expo held last week really lit up the place.

The School of Sustainability STEAM Immersion Program held late last year with year 9 students was a standout glasshouse event.

Not surprisingly, plans are afoot for community workshops on all manner of topics and special holiday programs on technology, robotics, entrepreneurship and more.


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