Also known as the Beetroot Tree because of the brilliant red colour of the new growth, this spreading canopy tree is found in the rainforests of south-east Queensland and northern NSW.

The flanged trunk is covered in smooth grey bark. The alternate glossy leaves have 3 to 8 sickle-shaped wavy leaflets that are often toothed. In autumn, small yellow-brown flowers arise from the leaf axils and are followed by reddish woody wrinkled capsules, each containing 3 black seeds that are relished by birds.

This local tree will tolerate most soils and grows to about 6 to 8 metres in cultivation (but much taller in its natural rainforest). It will grow in full sun or semi shade, but does best in a sheltered position with reasonable moisture. The Green Tamarind is an excellent ornamental feature plant for larger gardens.

Specimens can be seen planted at the Samford Eco-Corridor (

Article and photo © Peter Storer


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