Samford Commons at Health Expo
Sammy Stingray paid a visit

A wonderful health and wellbeing expo was held in John Scott Park, Samford last Saturday, giving Samford Commons another great opportunity to engage with the community.

Hosted by Samford Chemmart, the response was huge with all 25 stalls being sold months before.

The Samford Commons stall also incorporated Millen Farm, Creative Samford and Samford Connect.

The Samford Commons entities have been busy! Following years of planning, Millen Farm is has now progressed to the physical stage of establishing what aims to be a financially and ecologically sustainable urban farm growing vegetables to be sold to local business the public.

At present Creative Samford is busy with Samford Arts Trail, now into Weekend 2 of the four weekends planned in June. Weekend 1 drew many locals as well as visitors from all around Queensland and interstate, with a few overseas visitors at various studios as well (stay tuned for the upcoming blog on the Arts Trail).

We wish a warm welcome to all the new members who signed up on the day as makers and shakers in the Samford Commons vision. Several of these new members are also local business owners who learnt how they could fit into the concept as a whole.

Besides Samford Commons, many local businesses grabbed the opportunity to showcase their services and offer up a variety of services and activities. A wide variety of quality food and drink was also up for grabs. A Wheel Good Cup, Yummi Fruit Ice-Creamery, Hot Slice, Tasty Thai Food, Pancakes and Wafflery were on hand to fill hungry mouths.

From Stretching to Cooking, First Aid, Boxercise, Yoga, CPR, Jazzercise, Music, Pilates…the stage was full of action all day.

A tug-of war competition was happening over in the side park.

Health checks, advice and information abounded from:

  • Pharmacists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Podiatrists
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Optometrists
  • Diabetes Educator
  • Acupuncturist
  • Paramedics
  • Dieticians
  • Naturopaths
  • Health Groups
  • Fitness Groups
  • Sporting Groups
  • Community Support Groups
  • Wellness and Spiritual Organisations

Plus activities for babies and toddlers!

Alongside sponsors Samford Chemmart Pharmacy, KinectivEnergy, The Movement Team, Inline Fitness Club, Samford Aquatics and Wellness on the Move, other businesses in attendance included Australian Hung Kuen Kung Fu, Samford Support Network, Songbird Music, Samford Stags, Samford Swim Club/Samford Stingrays, Energy Depot, Pilates Lifestyle and Wellbeing, Foot Health Clinic, Jazzercise North Brisbane, Radiance Clinic, Samford Acupuncture and Massage, Australian Hearing, In-Line Physio Samford, Sustainable Wellness/Your Story Told, Fuel the Change, Nikken Wellness, Samford First Aid, Outdare Active, Love Living Kitchen, Samford Area Men’s Shed, Samford District Bowls Club, Emphasis on Eyecare, Sue Orreal Counselling, The Escentual Garden, Sunflower Holistic Therapy, Emgoddess, Sattva Yoga Centre, Leanne Sutton-Boyd Fearlessly Free Women, Henna Art by Zain, Boppin’ Babies/Rhythm Music Therapy, Love Living Kyani, all showcasing their services.

For anyone looking for extra action Base Zero Mobile Rock Climbing had a climbing wall and a trampoline bungee to test fitness and agility skills.

Who knew there were so many Health and Wellbeing businesses in Samford and Surrounds? Looking for extra information on any of the above businesses?

Check out Samford Chemmart’s Facebook page for posts about the Samford Health and Wellbeing Expo.

Sammy Stingray from Samford Stingrays was seen out and about. He also dropped in to check out the Samford Commons 3D site model and was in awe.

By the end of the day his tail was decidedly looking a little worse for the wear, and very droopy, having been enthusiastically pulled on many times from young fans throughout the day.

Congratulations to Karen and her great team at the Samford Chemmart Pharmacy. Lots of people, lots of family fun.

What a well organised, interactive, fun and interesting day, from both stallholders and visitors alike. Well done!

After so very kindly holding off for almost the entire day, and with less than one hour to go, the overhead clouds finally made themselves known and let loose with a very short, sharp shower of rain.

People scampered for shelter and stallholders rushed to protect their goods. The rain shower signalled the end of the day for visitors, prompting the majority of stallholders to pack up and leave. A few chose to stay on to the closing time, with one massaging clients right up to the end!

Volunteers from Samford Commons took the chance of blue skies soon after the rain shower to walk the precious 3D site model back to the Farmers Hall for an overnight stay.

Samford Commons, in the community and on the move!

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