Kupidabin Four Winds Cultural Centre

Kupidabin Four Winds Cultural Centre

This is the first blog in our Partner Profile series, featuring Kupidabin Cultural Association Inc (hereafter referred to as Kupidabin). This new series shines a spotlight on the organisations collaborating with Samford Commons. The intention is to give our readers a general overview of each organisation and to showcase some of the work being done in our community.

Kupidabin signed up with Samford Commons in mid- 2015. Kupidabin is the Aboriginal word for “Place of Possums”. Their mission is to hold gatherings from all walks of life, to bring together all cultures and break down barriers in communications.

The Association aims to:

  • Foster leadership and integrity
  • Encourage positive change
  • Promote understanding among people

The Kupidabin centre is located next door to the Lyell Deer Sanctuary in Mt Samson. Des and Maureen Pickstone lease the land to Kupidabin under a Perpetual (99 year) lease. The land was originally sold by Des and Maureen and later repurchased as the land is recognised to be “special”.

Nestled in 10 acres of native bushland, Kupidabin houses one central building known as the long house. The area is protected under the Qld Environmental Protection Act as a Rare Eco Region.

The land was blessed in February 2005 by Aboriginal Elder Tex Chapman Wakka Wakka as representative of the traditional ancestors of the land. Also within the land is the International Peace Pole. These poles are recognised internationally as symbols of the hopes and dreams of the entire human race.

The eight sided pole has 24 plaques, with three on each side. “May Peace Prevail on Earth” is engraved in each of the following languages: Aboriginal, Black Foot Nation, Chinese, Czechoslovakian, Druid, English, Finnish, French, Gaelic, German, Greek, Guarani, Iroquois Nation, Italian, Japanese, Lakota/Sioux Nation, Maori, Runes, Russian, Spanish, Tuscarora, Tsalgio, Urdu

A variety of events are regularly held on the land:

  • Gathering of the Four Winds, held every 2 years.
  • Peace Fire Ceremony – the 7th of each month
  • Full Moon Drumming
  • International Day of Peace

A variety of workshops are also held throughout the year. Up to date information can be found at www.kupidabin.org Contact info@kupidabin.org, or contact Maureen on 0402 092 741.

Yearly membership is also available.

Kupidabin Four Winds Cultural CentreKupidabin is located at 7 Lyell Court, Mt Samson, next door to the Lyell Deer Sanctuary. Check out Kupidabin on Facebook.

Once Samford Commons is on-site at the old CSIRO site, Kupidabin will be integral in providing education programs onsite as part of our program offering.

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