What looked like a simple War on Waste Stall last week at Samford Commons was a simple demonstration of what can happen when good ideas come together.

Our connection with Mandy at Luvaberry Farm saw almost a quarter of a tonne of berries sold in frozen blocks to locals and their friends. At the same stall, under the shade of the new Samford Commons marquee, boxes of produce and jars of honey from Millen Farm and other local growers were sold to willing buyers of great food.

Just a few metres away people stopped by at the Poo Pile to load up on horse manure for their own vegie gardens at home, with the takings helping the work of the Samford Community Library @ Samford Commons. The Library of course was open that day too.

The next Long Table Dinner is on 3 October at 6.30pm in the Blue Building and is a great evening for food, relaxing conversation and good vibes for all in the community.  Its free, bring your own food and drinks!

And put Saturday the 20th of October in the diary for a special event for you and your family!

The Samford Commons Team.

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