Innovation projects

Innovation projects

Samford Commons has been recognised by Innovate Moreton Bay, the regional lead agency for innovation,  as an exceptional Hub to provide a stimulus, support and development base for innovation in the district and region.

Samford Commons meets significant benchmarks relevant to the innovation ecology required by government and accepted as world standard.

We are already attracting a number of start-up companies and creative concepts and are developing a start-up development capability based on an expert resource team in the region.

Innovative products, programs, attractors and support capacities include:

  • The Fulcrum sustainable business co-working space and network
  • Launch Pad – the next generation of Maker Spaces
  • School of Sustainability and ESTEAM education
  • Maker Festival
  • Renewable Energy program
  • Working urban farm and fresh food market
  • Integrated virtual and real Trails

If you would like to participate in the team or find out more please contact us

More information is available on the detail of Samford Commons as an Innovation Hub in the Moreton Bay Region.




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July 20, 2017

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