Samford Commons LIVE!

Join us for Samford Commons LIVE!

Samford Commons is LIVE! Samford Commons Ltd has now successfully reached a community lease agreement with the Moreton Bay Regional Council. This means part of the former Samford CSIRO site is once again set for a new beginning as a place to grow…nurture…collaborate.

This time around, the community is in the driver’s seat. Members of the community can choose whether they want to partnership with Samford Commons in growing a sustainable local economy. The historic launch event Samford Commons LIVE! on the 24th May explains it all.

How wonderful that the Moreton Bay Regional Council continues to recognise and support the initiative and long term vision of Samford Commons over the past years. As part of this community lease, more than 8,000 m2 of Samford Parklands, through Millen Farm, is to be transformed into an urban farm, complete with food storage facilities, with sustainability as the focus. Millen Farm is just one part of the larger Samford Commons vision. Creative Samford have already mapped out an extensive Arts Trail

Samford Commons is a not-for-profit entity and is registered as a charity. As such, Samford Commons is now added to the list of more than 220 community organisations and groups (2013-2015 figures) the Council extends community leases to.

Division 11 Councillor Bob Millar has tirelessly dedicated many hours in supporting and working to bring Samford Commons Live.

Cr Millar sees Millen Farm as allowing members of Samford Commons a place to grow, sell and learn more about fresh, locally-grown and sustainable produce.

Thumbs up to Council for their ability to see and act on the bigger picture of this site as a catalyst to help promote regional lifestyles and culture, along with collaborative business, both in the Samford and Moreton Bay Regions. Council preparedness to put in the hours and continue with long negotiations over the past years has finally enabled successful delivery of the lease of the land to Samford Commons.

Chairman of Samford Commons, Howard Nielsen was also very happy in saying “the lease signals the beginning of another exciting partnership between council and the community, which would benefit not only the Samford Valley, but also the Moreton Bay Region”. Howard went on to say “The leadership of Councillor Millar, the Mayor, Council staff and the Samford community, has enabled Samford Commons and its partner Millen Farm to create a significant space for this innovative community enterprise.”

Liz Ryan, Deputy Director of the United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme also weighed in with a video message of support for both the Council and the Samford Community. “We’d love to have the opportunity to share some of the achievement and models that have been utilised within the Council, particularly in the Samford Valley…I congratulate you on all that you have achieved so far.”

Samford commons board member and Senior Agriculture Teacher at Ferny Grove State High School, Volker Jahnke also conveyed his excitement with the signing of the community lease in stating “I honestly believe we can become an exemplar, for other communities, be it in Australia, or be it around the world”.

The signing of the community lease now paves the way for the site launch event Samford Commons LIVE! to be held on the 24th May. Come and experience the Samford Commons vision. Bring your families. Bring your friends. Bring your ideas. Be prepared for a FUN day!

What:             Samford Commons LIVE!

Where:          The old CSIRO site.
                        2204 Mt Samson Road, Samford Village.

When:            Sunday 24th May, 10.00 am to 2.00 pm

Why:               Historic Event – A New Beginning

Cost:              FREE

You will enjoy:

  • Local entertainers
  • Lots of food
  • A tour of the grounds
  • Loads of family activities
  • Ignite Sessions to spark innovative conversation and ideas
  • Seeing development proposals firsthand with the 3D site model
  • Find out all about Millen Farm and planned community gardening sessions and workshops
  • Chat with Creative Samford for up and coming events, including the extensive Studio Arts Trail in June.

Want to have more of a say in Samford Commons? Join us at the launch, come to a general meeting or become a member!

For a couple of cups of coffee, $10.00 annual payment keeps you up to date with all the news, plus gives you the opportunity to participate in informal, informative monthly meetings. Although being largely informal, these meetings recognise your time is a precious and valuable resource and keep to a strict timetable.

Do you support Samford Commons LIVE! To be A Place to Grow…nurture…collaborate?

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