Samford Commons Community Library

The team sorting books for Samford Commons Community Library

The Samford Community Library is rapidly taking shape at Samford Commons! Do you have items to donate or would you like to be a part of the team bringing it to life? Read on…

At last, the people of Samford and Surrounds are getting a library…a true community library located at Samford Commons. This library is to be owned and run by the people of Samford and Surrounds.

It all started with a comment from long-term valley resident on how well the arts and crafts, music and drama, and sporting sectors were catered for and yet local readers and writers appear to have been overlooked. This served as the germ of an idea to create a library with a truly community flavour.

The library will offer an accessible and welcoming space where folks can meet, read, and/or share ideas. The library is expected to open in mid 2016, and will allow people to recycle and borrow books, CDs, DVDs, journals and magazines. The library contents are entirely dependent on community donations.

The library team envision housing different sectors of books throughout the Samford Commons site, according to the theme of each building occupants. Areas catering for readers, writers, children, the elderly and others to have a space to meet and/or join in inexpensive activities, are also planned.

Many internationally recognized and published authors reside within the Samford and Surrounds areas.

Samford Commons have enthusiastically adopted the idea of a community library as a community service to Samford and surrounds. This library is a not-for-profit, modern version of the Victorian ‘Penny Library’ and will promote close relationships with the Samford mobile library and other Moreton Bay libraries.

Part of the library space will be co-shared with another Samford Commons partnership…Creative Samford. Other sections of the library will in the future be found within the Millen farm area, School of Sustainability, The Fulcrum (co-working space) and other Creative Arts areas, to name a few.

The library working group initially inherited 10 cartons of books. Today more than 100 cartons of books have been received, with a further 40 awaiting collection. The task of sorting and colour coding books according to their different categories is well under way.

The Samford Community Library will also produce a monthly newsletter, available online through free subscription. This newsletter will contain articles of interest, dates for upcoming events, book reviews and an occasional ‘Meet the Author’ feature.

Interested in subscribing to the newsletter? Simply email the editor, Mary Mageau with your name and email.

Have you got books, CD’s DVD’s, Journals or Hobby Magazines sitting around gathering dust? Please consider donating any or all of these items, and in doing so, help build a great community library. Note: Items are expected to be in good condition.

Got time on your hands? Want to play a part in building your Samford community library?

To donate items or volunteer your assistance contact: Julie Martin: Mob. 0426 719 511 Home 3289 4332.

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