Cr Bob Millar with Samford Commons' Howard Nielsen and Millen Farm's Peter Kearney.jpg

Cr Bob Millar with Samford Commons’ Howard Nielsen and Millen Farm’s Peter Kearney.jpg

More than 8,000m2 of Samford Parklands will transform into a sustainable farm as part of a new community lease by Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Division 11 Councillor Bob Millar said working together with the Samford Commons group, part of the parklands would turn into a working farm space – complete with arable land and storage facilities.

“The urban farm project will allow members of Samford Commons to grow, sell and learn more about fresh, locally-grown and sustainable produce,” Cr Millar said.

“It plants the seed for council, community groups and local businesses to collaborate in unique and innovative ways.”

Cr Millar said the urban farm was part of the larger Samford Commons project – helping to promote regional lifestyles, culture and collaborative business in Samford and the Moreton Bay Region.

Samford Commons Chairman Howard Nielsen said the lease signalled the beginning of another exciting partnership between council and the community, which would benefit not only the Samford Valley but also the Moreton Bay Region.

“The leadership of Councillor Millar, the Mayor, council staff and the Samford community has enabled Samford Commons and its partner Millen Farm to create a significant space for this innovative community enterprise,” Mr Nielsen said.

The urban farm project at Samford Parklands is part of a community lease agreement between council and Samford Commons.

Council’s region-wide community leasing policy offers not-for-profit organisations the opportunity to help manage and operate more than 140 facilities in the region.

In 2013-14, council had community leases with more than 220 community organisations and groups.

For more information on community leases in the Moreton Bay Region visit the Moreton Bay Regional Council website or phone 3205 0555.

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