Samford Commons 2020

Imagine Samford Commons in 2020

Nice when people know it!

When Samford Commons gets talked about it is understandable that some people don’t quite understand what it is. The Commons is, after all, a concept that is an innovative and multifaceted one. Everyone knows instantly what a tennis club is, or a museum or a service club but what’s a ‘Samford Commons’?

So its been nice when at markets or in the street or at the shops to notice that more and more people get to understand the simplicity of Samford Commons as ‘a model for living, learning, working and playing sustainably.’ An active precinct to practice, demonstrate, educate and engage around ways we can live in away which leaves a great legacy while we enjoy ourselves in the present.

An arts precinct, community education program, music space, library, farming precinct, school education program, environmental studies program, renewable energy centre, business networking centre, hub for community organisations, superfood research and production and visitor learning trails are all part of the Commons precinct. And there will be more. Add in some less usual features such as a Maker Space and an Innovation CoLab and the jigsaw puzzle begins to gain clarity.

The developing clarity has been evident too in our community stalls and recent meetings with the Council CEO, deputy CEO and senior managers – not to mention new Councillors. Ministerial Advisers, senior departmental officers and organisers of local community groups are also letting us know that they get it.

And the local schools are in full understanding of what’s on offer as was evident at the recent AGM of the Samford Primary School P & C. Great insight and great support from our local schools is a feature.

If members of the community want to find out more on ‘getting to know it’ or getting involved with it about Samford Commons then please come to our next meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 27 April, at Samford Commons.

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