The Block Samford Style

The Block Samford Style

We need your help on Sunday 19th April from 9am – 12pm for the first stage of renovation! (see below for details)

Samford Commons Reality Show is Here! 

Well, almost a Reality Show! As the first building at Samford Commons becomes available for use, there is a modern day makeover required to get the building ship-shape with a slick new image reflecting our modern times.

Settled amidst the various buildings on the Samford Commons site, sits an attractive little red building. This is the building in question and the very first to be officially utilised as Samford Commons progresses.

Our architect, Peter Booth, has waved his magic wand and incorporated bright ideas from Samford Commons members for the exterior. Both aesthetic appeal and design have been addressed.

Tiana, a volunteer designer from Griffith University has submitted her interior design ideas as well, also taking into account suggestions from members.

How is this work going to proceed?

Just like the building reality show on TV, we are seeking suitable applicants to be the crew for the building’s makeover. Perhaps we could call it “The Commons Block”?

Even better, perhaps you have a name for the show.

This renovation being a reality show may not be too far from truth. Very recently, a film maker approached executive at Samford Commons with an invitation to be included in a mini series of short films on innovative community building activities in this region.

Starting of filming is set to roughly coincide with the date building renovations are expected to begin. Who knows, even if the filmmakers don’t materialise we can certainly do our own version with some talented local people.

Consider applying to be a member of the crew if you can fill any of these spots:

  • Builder
  • Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Tiler
  • Electrician
  • DIY Expert!
  • Trades Assistant
  • General Assistant
  • Gofer

To contribute your valuable time and skills and be part of our local ‘Block’, please email your details and preferred contribution to John Atkinson (Project Manager) on or phone 3289 2856 or 0409 496 402.

April 19th Activities: 9am – 12pm 

We will start with a major clean up, a bit of weeding and striping out of old benches. There is also need to get a large concertina  door working and if we have time dismantling some pipe work. So please bring along your tool boxes and any other tools that might be suitable for the above tasks. We will have a chat to elect a couple of team leaders to help with the project.

Please wear suitable clothing, bring water etc.

We’ll likely need various building materials too. We invite you to contact us to discuss your cash or physical contribution.

If you don’t feel you fit the crew, there’s other opportunities to be a contributing member of Samford Commons.Samford Commons has a place for everyone in the community. For an annual $10 fee, have your say in progressing Samford Commons into the future. Check out all your options by clicking on the link below.


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