Well, it’s nearly here… the start of Creative Samford’s Arts Trail! Mark every weekend in June on your calendars! This FREE event is on every weekend to give you a chance of experiencing the whole Arts Trail. There is so much to do, one day is way too short to see and experience the whole of the Arts Trail.

Creative Samford Arts Trail

Creative Samford Arts Trail


This is the very first of many Arts Trails! The idea came from the wonderful initiative of Creative Samford, an entity of Samford Commons. These two not-for-profit groups work with the end goal of providing events which provide benefits for the community.

Following months and months of planning, along with hours and hours of volunteers support, the Arts Trail is finally ready to roll. The successful establishment of the Arts Trail is also due to the wonderful support Moreton Bay Regional Council, Samford and District Progress and Protection Association Inc., Samford Futures and Flying Arts Inc., local media, artists and from many Samford local businesses and others from surrounding areas. Once again we see the community spirit in Samford and Surrounds alive and well.

Creative Samford’s Arts Trail brings a selection of our best artists to the fore, showcasing the talents lurking largely unseen in Samford and Surrounds.

Creative Samford Arts Trail Map

Creative Samford Arts Trail Map

What is the aim of the Arts Trail?

The Trail is aimed to be an enjoyable relaxed introduction to some of our many talented artists living in Samford and Surrounds. Many of these artists are globally renowned, yet their talents are invisible and often unrecognised by the general public. The Arts Trail gives an opportunity for these artists to become “visible” to the general public.  Many of these artists never open their studios to the public.

The bigger vision for Creative Samford’s Arts Trail is for Samford and Surrounds to become renowned as a creative place to visit. In the words of Albert Einstein “Creativity is Contagious, Pass it On”.

Where Can I Go?

From Mount Glorious, to Highvale, to Samford Village, up to Wights Mountain and Camp Mountain, to Yugar, to Mount Samson, to Cashmere and all the way to Dayboro… there are studios, galleries and other venues to be visited.

Keep an eye out for cafes and others businesses to find food and drink, walk around parks and look at areas of interest to be found along the Arts Trail too.

What can I Do?

Expect to see demonstrations of various techniques used, along with workshops for those who want to learn more. Feel free to ask questions too.

When Can I Visit Studios?

Every weekend in June!

6th and 7th June 10.00 am to 3.00 pm
13th and 14th June 10.00 am to 3.00 pm
21st and 22nd June 10.00 am to 3.00 pm
27th and 28th June 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

What’s to be Seen?

  • felt work
  • jewellery
  • paintings
  • sculpture
  • wood work
  • fabric arts
  • and more!

Visit Samford and Surrounds Arts Trail and Open Studios 2015 on Facebook for up to date information. Give the page a “Like” while you are there!

Spread the word! This Arts Trail event is the first in this area. Take the opportunity to peruse all these works of art. Perhaps take the opportunity to buy or commission a piece along the way.

Take the time to enjoy at least one of Creative Samford’s Arts Trail weekends!


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