Can you imagine that on one public site right here in wonderful Samford that we could have ….

  • a Community Library
  • 24 hour classrooms for students of all ages
  • a working farm side by side with a community farm
  • a community-owned energy enterprise bringing cheaper and cleaner energy to our Village
  • a kicking off point for integrated adventure trails into the Samford environment
  • an Arts Precinct for the community, performers and practicing artists
  • a collaborating place for community groups and local businesses to have office space and meeting spaces
  • mini conference spaces for the community and local businesses
  • an Innovation Hub for creatives and entrepreneurs of all ages
  • a ‘pop up’ university space
  • creative ‘Immersion Programs’ for schools on STEM, Arts, Sustainability and more
  • a Wellbeing Precinct
  • a ‘maker space’ for young and old
  • food markets, artisan markets and maker festivals
  • recycle, reuse and sharing precinct
  • eating and socialising venues
  • nature based childcare and education precinct

Well that’s what those at Samford Commons, Council and partners in business and community have worked toward and in many cases have started. At a special meeting with Council later next month there will be a decision made about the contributions to be made by both Council, Samford Commons and the community to see this momentum continue.


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