Holly's Art Exhibition

Holly’s Art Exhibition

Drawing and painting became the recovery therapy which in turn has led to an art exhibition for Holly Mason, as she continues to recover from injuries inflicted by a kicking horse.

Six years ago, Samford resident Holly Mason had two passions, food and horses.

Given the opportunity to work with dressage horses in Germany, Holly accepted and headed off this adventure of a lifetime. What an adventure this became. We would probably believe these horses as dressage artists to be the most unlikely to misbehave, with the discipline required to display their precise flowing movements.

Holly's Art Exhibition

Holly’s Art Exhibition

Unfortunately, Holly experienced otherwise. A young horse Holly was leading took fright and kicked her in the head, causing her serious brain trauma injury, just two days after her 24th birthday. As a result Holly now had a body that was severely compromised.

Fast forward, and it is now six years on from Holly’s Germany adventure. Unthinkable that Holly’s adventure would turn into a nightmare in one short moment, as a result of a kicking horse. Her adventure has evolved to become a journey and story of remarkable self-discipline, resilience and courage. These qualities are very evident with Holly announcing her very first art exhibition, due to open on 1st May 2015.

In the early stages of beginning her long recovery, Holly decided to draw and paint. Her very first attempt at drawing was one short wobbly line that took her ten minutes to complete.

Holly’s art has now evolved. In the same way as the art and beauty of dressage she so dearly loves is displayed through discipline and precision, so Holly’s discipline and precision shows in the beauty displayed in her art exhibits.

Holding this art exhibition is a dream come true for Holly. Who can ever guess what challenges life has in store for us and in what way we may accept those challenges. For Holly, a kicking horse brought enormous challenges to both her and her family.

Her family have been an enduring and amazing source of support throughout Holly’s journey and are the foundation support in bringing Holly’s dream to reality.

Samford Support Network volunteers are also a wonderful group of people who have also played a pivotal role in helping Holly reach her dream.

You are Invited to Holly Mason’s Inaugural Art Exhibition

            Date:             1st May 2015

            Venue:          Topiaries at Beaumont House

            Time:             5:00pm

Meet Holly and be amazed and delighted with her art. Holly presently walks with the aid of a walker and communicates through her iPad.

Where to from here Holly?

A big shout-out to the following businesses for their wonderful support. Without their assistance Holly’s art exhibition would not be possible:

  • Topiaries: Venue to host this exhibition
  • Exhibit Systems Pty Ltd: Provision of Display Panels
  • Blue Willow International: Provision of Fixtures and Professional Support

Any contribution of support or assistance in any way for Holly’s dream is both welcome and invited.

Please contact Barbara, at the Samford Support Network on 0451 052 127 or email at barbara.kienast@gmail.com

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