Korean Students visit Samford Commons

Korean Students visit Samford Commons

Samford recently played host to a group of South Korean Entrepreneurs (students) who were taking part in a short course offered by Griffith University entitled ‘Sustainable Enterprise and Design Futures’.

This group were guests of Samford Commons and attended a workshop hosted by CSIRO’s George Quezada, and the Chair of Samford Commons, Howard Nielsen.

Professor Jeremy Williams, Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise at Griffith University, who led the group, said it was a fantastic opportunity for the students to apply their creative entrepreneurial skills. ‘Taking a group of young entrepreneurs from a different country and culture and asking them to come with ideas for the development of the Commons was amazing’, he said.

Howard Nielsen commented that, moving forward, it is anticipated there will be many more workshops of this nature with the launch of a ‘school of sustainability’ at the Samford Commons site next year.

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