Arriving to the official opening in musical style!

Arriving to the official opening in musical style!

Sunday dawned a beautiful sunny day, with a light wind for the Samford Commons LIVE launch event. And what a day it was for those who came. It certainly had Samford Wow factor!

Around three hundred and fifty people turned out to witness the official opening, with more than five hundred people coming throughout the day. Spectators were treated to the sight of Cr Bob Miller and Mark Furner MP and Howard Nielsen as the official party happily pedalling in, on a four wheel cycle built for six!

The opening over, visitors got to have tea and coffee… some were intrigued to see solar panels hooked to a battery, providing power for their refreshments.

Hoopa Clique entertained individuals young and old throughout the day.

Visitors steadily streamed in throughout the four hour open day. On arrival, visitors were greeted by the amazing sounds played out on recycled plastic drums. Children young and old got the chance to beat out their very own rhythm under the guidance of Brendan from Beats Bus Productions.

Meantime, short tours were starting at half hour intervals from under the Tour Tree. Each tour thirty to forty people got to experience the vision, with no one tour being the same!

3D Model of the Samford Commons Precinct

3D Model of the Samford Commons Precinct

Around at the Samford Commons display, people marvelled over the 3D model, read through business, plans, looked at the 2D drawings, and wrote suggestions on the white board. One suggestion was to build a pizza oven! Looks like someone is a pizza lover. Samford Commons LIVE produced a boost to membership as many became more aware of the overall vision. The ability to see the whole project finally alive, and up and running brought many happily signing up at the $10 fee.

Millen Farm had a bunch of goodies on their trade table, along with mouth watering biscuits and slices on sale. Several volunteer positions in a variety of areas, including IT and Marketing are available for those prepared to support with a few hours of their time as the farm gets underway.

Creative Samford had a wonderful colourful display in readiness of Samford Arts Trail starting June 6… held on Saturday and Sunday, every weekend throughout the month of June… lots more Wow! to be seen here.

Samford Commons LIVE!

Our lead architect Peter Booth working on the precinct model

Over in the Ignite tent, five minute snapshots to grab your interest, were presented by members of Samford Connect, Millen Farm, Samford Commons, Renewable Energy, and Creative Samford. Each session drew crowds of interested people.

Other exhibits included stalls of amazing smelling coconut oil soaps, and organic provisions. You could even treat yourself to a five minute massage. Once again, Samford Progress Association was on hand, showcasing their community support… a long time supporter of Samford Commons.

In total, more than five hundred people came and saw and experienced the historic Samford Commons LIVE opening day.

Many comments were made, referring to the overall concept of Samford Commons including “strong community spirit”, “veggie garden”, “natural”, “outdoorsy”, “educational”, “want to be a part of the community”, “want to show support”, “great Social Media presence” “WOW!”.

Quietly and unobtrusively, unnoticed by most, three films crews were filming around the site. Keep your eyes peeled for notices of five short documentary films, coming soon.

At 2.00pm the gates were closed. Like clockwork, the Samford Commons volunteer team and stallholders dismantled, tidied and packed and disappeared. A few hours later no-one passing by would realise the Samford Commons LIVE event had just claimed a place in Samford’s history. WOW!

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